Built on the Spirit of Philanthropy

One goal.

12 visionaries.

A home for the arts in Sonoma County.

The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts was founded more than 30 years ago by the collective vision of 12 business leaders who shared a desire to build an arts center to benefit the children and adults of their community. Their generosity has created a legacy of enrichment, education and entertainment for tens of thousands of children and adults of the North Bay.

An important part of their vision was that the Center continue to grow and thrive in the future, just as the community would. In order to make that vision a reality, the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts relies on those who provide financial support both today and for tomorrow.

One way many of our supporters contribute is through a planned gift. Planned gifts can take many forms. A bequest though your will or living trust is perhaps the simplest way to leave a legacy to the Center. Gifts through retirement plans or life insurance are other ways to provide future support, and do not require amending your will or trust.

Additionally, there are ways to support the Center that provide income back to you or your loved ones. These types of gifts feature numerous tax benefits, which we outline on the following pages.

We are happy to provide additional information to you or your advisors, in confidence and with no obligation.

Please consider supporting the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts for the next 30 years—and beyond.


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